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BMW MOTORCYCLE ACCESSOIRES, BMW motorcycles accessories after market, accessories for BMW motorcycles BMW R1200GS, BMW R1200R.

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Modeltek snc Via Anna Frank, 3 Loc. Ponte Vettigano 42012 Campagnola Emilia (Reggio Emilia) Italy
tel. +39 0522 750000 - fax +39 0522 750069 - email: info@modeltek.net     p.iva 02003560352

 The Technical Departments Modeltek Models and Thermoforming tools

Technical Office
The technical department supervises the various manufacturing phases of the products through the best CAD-CAM softwares. Our relationship with the Clients usually includes receiving mathematics on *.IGS or *.STP formats in order to provide them with a prompt and reliable estimate and verify the timing and the budget necessary to realise the requested details. We try to provide the Client with the requested product within the estimated timing by avoiding problems due to the beginning of the sampling and its subsequent production.

Department of CAM-CNC machine tools
The milling is realised through 5 axes robots with a maximum working area of 4800x3600x2000z (mm.)

Department of traditional machine tools

Manual manufacturing on wood and compounds
(Assembly and finish)

Department of aluminium polishing and brightening

Department of reverse-engineering and prototypes development
In order to guarantee our customers an all-round service, we are equipped with a light refraction scanning system for reverse-engineering service together with a surface reconstruction software.